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Document Title: A Doctor's Advice
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1866
Type of Manuscript: holograph fair copy
Scribe: DGR

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Manuscript Addition: A Doctor's Advice
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Translated from an inscription in ill-spelt French

verse scratched in the pane of a window at the New Inn,


  • My doctor's issued his decree
  • That too much wine is killing me,
  • And furthermore his ban he hurls
  • Against my touching naked girls.
  • How then? must I no longer share
  • Good wine or beauties dark & fair?
  • Doctor, goodbye, my sail's unfurl'd,
  • I'm off to try the other world.

Queen Square

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This is the French inscription, all but bad spelling

which I can't remember.

  • Mon médecin me dit souvent
  • Que trop de vin me tue,
  • Et me défend absolument
  • De toucher aux femmes nues.
  • Faut il renoncer au bon vin,
  • À la brune et à la blonde?
  • Adieu, monsieur le médecin,
  • Je pars pour l'autre monde.

Queen Square

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