Poems. (Privately Printed.): A Proof (partial), Princeton/Troxell (copy 2)

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Production Description

Document Title: [Poems, A Proof, copy 2]
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Printer: Strangeways and Walden
City of publication: London
Date of publication: 1869 September 13
Pre-Publication Information: This is the Troxell Collection's copy 2 of the A Proofs.
Pagination: iii, [1]-10, 10 (duplicate), 11-14, 35-37, 49-50, 50 (duplicate), 51-54, 126-129, 132, 136-138, 146-166
Collation: [A] 2, B - O 8, P 7
Note on Publication: The ideal copy of this proof state would be paginated [i-iv], [1]-166. The collation given here is also ideal. The pagination is at the center top.
Corrector: DGR


Current Location: Princeton U. Library, Troxell Collection
Catalog Number: 23299
Note: The proof comes ultimately from the poet's library; thence through WMR to A. L. and Joseph Knight and then to Jerome Kern, from whom Mrs. Troxell purchased it at the Kern sale. It came to Princeton in 1972 with the Troxell Collection.

Physical Description

Point: 8
Lines per Page: 29
Dimensions of Document: crown octavo, 18.2 x 12 cm


  • Wise, The Ashley Library, IV. 124-125.
  • Troxell, “The Trial Books”, 192.
  • Fraser, “The Rossetti Collection of Janet Camp Troxell”, 160-161.
  • Lewis, The Trial Book Fallacy, 186.
  • Burnett, The Ashley Catalogue, I. 75-76.

Scholarly Commentary


The so-called A Proofs were pulled from the revised set of the Penkill Proofs that DGR sent to London on 2 September 1869 (see Fredeman, Correspondence, 69.146). The Penkill Proofs were printed around 18 August. DGR received his set of the A Proofs from the printer on 13 September and immediately began revising and adding to them. A new set of proofs, the A2 Proofs, was quickly called for and printed around 21 September. This process eventually produced the First Trial Book on 3 October.

This second partial set of the A Proofs is not marked up or corrected by DGR, as is its companion set, Copy 1. It does bear some few printer's marks, however. Copy 2 of the proofs has duplicates of many pages in Copy 1, but it also has some pages not present in the latter.

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