Poems by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1873): the Tauchnitz Edition

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Production Description

Publisher: Bernhard Tauchnitz
City of publication: Leipzig
Date of publication: 1873 November 15 (late November or early December)

Scholarly Commentary


This edition is a reprint of the 1870 Poems . Copy text for this reprint was the sixth edition . Francis Heuffer's introduction was a significant feature of the book since it helped to carry DGR's work more directly to a European audience. In early November 1873 Heuffer sent a set of proofs to DGR for correction and alteration and DGR took advantage of the offer to suggest changes to Hueffer's Introduction (see Doughty and Wahl, LettersIII. 1231-1234)). In DGR's letter to Heuffer of 15 November he also asks to have six copies of the edition sent to him. Evidently this was done, and DGR used one of these copies -- which seems to have been a proof copy -- as copy text for printing the 1881 Poems. A New Edition . These proof pages are now in the library of the Delaware Art Museum.

A copy of this volume with extensive autograph corrections and additions is in the Yale Library. DGR made a gift of this book to William Sharp in 1880.

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