Rossetti Archive Textual Transcription

Document Title: To Mary in Summer (British Library fair copy)
Author: DGR
Date of Composition: 1847
Type of Manuscript: fair copy holograph
Scribe: DGR

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To Mary in Summer -

  • Lay your head here, Mary,
  • Lay your head here,
  • While the warm blown grass, Mary,
  • With timid voice and wary,
  • Sings in your ear:—
  • The grass which round us, Mary,
  • Shuts like a nest;
  • By your dear limbs, dear Mary,
  • Lighter than limbs of Faëry,
  • 10Daintily press'd.
  • Back with it all though, Mary,
  • Back and aside;
  • The wind comes this way, Mary,
  • And here the trees are airy
  • And the skies are wide.
  • What do your eyes fear, Mary,
  • So grave & soft?
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  • I love to see them, Mary,
  • In whimsical vagary
  • 20Lifted aloft.
  • Mary, Mary, Mary,
  • Laugh in my face:
  • You know now, my own Mary,
  • No eyes can laugh so rarely
  • Or grant such grace.
  • Your cheek is pale now, Mary,
  • And red, by turns.
  • Why should the hand be chary
  • Of that to give which, Mary,
  • 30The heart so yearns?
  • Give me your hand, ah! Mary,
  • Give me your hand;
  • In city or in prairie
  • There is none kinder, Mary,
  • From land to land.
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  • Your lips to my lips, Mary,
  • Your lips to mine:
  • High up in Hebe's dairy
  • No milk so sweet, my Mary,
  • 40On earth no wine.
  • Lay your head here, Mary,
  • Lay your head here;
  • While my heart now, Mary,
  • The pleasant tune to vary,
  • Beats in your ear.

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Copyright: By permission of the British Library