Thames Valley Sonnets

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

General Description

Date: 1873-74
Genre: sonnet group

Scholarly Commentary


DGR marked his sojourn at Kelmscott in 1873-1874 with these two sonnets, which he first published as a pair in 1874. “Spring” was written first, in May 1873, and “Winter” next, nine months later. DGR reversed their order when he published them together in 1874, an arrangement that turns the sonnets into a quasi-allegorical commentary on DGR's time in the “Thames Valley” with Jane Morris.

Printing History

First published in The Athenaeum (30 May 1874), page 730; reprinted in the 1881 Ballads and Sonnets where they appear as separate sonnets and without the title “Thames Valley Sonnets”; collected thereafter.

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