Come lo giorno quando è al mattino

Prinzivalle (or Percivalle) Doria

Semprebene da Bologna

General Description

Date: 1230?
Rhyme: ababccddeff
Meter: hendecasyllabics, with varying quaternarii, quinarii, and setenarii
Genre: canzone
DGR's text is a poor one, as he knew. The authentic poem has only quaternarii.


“Table of Poets” (in Early Italian Poets) I. xxix

Poeti del Primo Secolo I.451-453

◦ Panvini, ed., Le rime della scuola siciliana I. 434-435

◦ Contini, Poeti de Duecento, I. 161-164

Scholarly Commentary


DGR's source text was Poeti del Primo Secolo (I. 451-453), where the poem is assigned to Semprebene da Bologna (see commentary for DGR's translation). The original work is almost certainly by Percivalle Doria, a fact which DGR could only have known by consulting the scholarly discussion of the poem's manuscript tradition.

The metrical form of the poem in the version used by DGR is corrupt.

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