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Document Title: Spheral Change (Delaware draft manuscript)
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1881
Type of Manuscript: draft manuscript
Scribe: DGR

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Spheral Change.
  • Of all who pass me here, I know
    Added TextIn this new shade of d Death, the show
  • Their faces, & they know my face
    Added TextPasses me still of form & face;
  • Some bent, some gazing as they go,
  • Some swiftly, some at a dull pace,
  • Not one that speaks in any case.
  • If only one might speak! the one
  • Who never waits till I come near;
  • But always seated all alone
  • As listening to the sunken air
  • 10Is gone before I come to her.
  • O dearest! While we lived & died
  • A living death in every day,
  • At least w We still were sometimes side by side,
  • And where I was you too might stay
  • And rest & need not go away.
  • O nearest, furthest! Can there be
  • At length some final heart-earned hard-earned heart-won home
  • Where, pain o'erpast & purgatory exile changed for sanctuary
  • Our lot [???] may fill indeed its sum,
  • 20And you may wait & I may come?

  • OurWe too may end our martyrdom
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