Ordina quest' Amoreo tu che m' ami

Jacopone da Todi

General Description

Date: 1270?
Rhyme: ABABABbccD
Meter: setenarii and hendecasyllabics
Genre: cantata


Poeti del Primo Secolo1 I. 30

◦ Giovanni Ferri, ed. Jacopone da Todi. Le Laude Bari 1930 208-216

Scholarly Commentary


This is a passage excerpted from Jacopone da Todi's Laude no. XC, “Amor de caritate” (lines 147-162). DGR's source text was Poeti del Primo Secolo (I. 30), where the work is attributed incorrectly to St. Francis of Assisi.

See DGR's translation for further commentary.

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