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Document Title: On a Handful of French Money
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1879-1880
Type of Manuscript: fair copy

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On a handfull of French money.

  • These coins that jostle on my hand do own
  • No single image; each name here & date
  • Denoting in man's consciousness & state
  • New change. In some, the face is clearly known,
  • In others marred. The badge of that old throne
  • Of kings is on the obverse; or the sign
  • Which says, “Behold, I, France am only mine;”
  • Or else the Eagle that dared ever soar.
  • Even as these coins, so are these lives and years
  • 10 Mixed and bewildered; yet has each of them
  • No less its part in what has come to be
  • For France. Republic, Empire, Monarchy,—
  • Each clamours or keeps silence in her name,
  • And lives within the pulse that now is hers.

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