Diamante, nè smeraldo, nè zaffino

Jacopo da Lentino [Giacomo da Lentini]

General Description

Date: 1235?
Rhyme: ababababcdcdcd
Meter: hendecasyllables
Genre: sonnet


“Table of Poets” in Early Italian Poets vol. 1, xxvi-xxvii.

◦ Valeriani and Lampredi, Poeti del primo secolo vol. 1, 319.

◦ Panvini Le rime della scuola siciliana vol. 1, 55.


Editorial glosses and textual notes are available in a pop-up window. Line numbering reflects the structure of the Poeti del primo secolo.

Scholarly Commentary


The translation is fairly free, even in respect to the rhyme scheme. DGR's source text for this sonnet is Poeti del primo secolo (I. 302).

See DGR's translation for further commentary.

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