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Document Title: Equal Troth
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1871
Type of Manuscript: draft
Scribe: DGR

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Love-Measure (H. of L.)
  • Not by one measure mayst thou mete our love;
  • For how should I be loved as I love thee?—
  • I, hardly favoured graceless, joyless, lacking absolutely
  • All grace/things gifts that doth with thy sweetness queenship best behove;—
  • Thou, throned in every heart's elect alcove,
  • And crowned with every garland fair to see garlands culled from every tree,
  • Which for no head but thine, by Love's decree,
  • All beauties & all mysteries interwove.
  • But here thy lips thine eyes and eyes lips yield soft rebuke,—
  • 10Thine Then only,” (say'st thou) “could I love thee less,
  • If When thou couldst doubt my love's equality.”
  • Peace, sweet! If not to sum but worth we look,—
  • Thy love's pure heaven/heart's descending/love's high treasure/love's assessment heart's transcendence, not my love's heaped/heart's/love's heart's excess,—
  • Then more a thousandfold thou lov'st than I.
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Manuscript Addition: The apple tree's in the wood
Editorial Description: DGR copies line 8/15 in the upper right corner.
God's Graal.
  • Lancelot lay beside the well:
  • ( God's Graal is good.)
  • Oh my soul is sad to tell
  • The weary quest and the bitter quell;
  • For he was the lord of lordlihood,
  • And sleep on his eyelids fell.
  • Lancelot lay before the shrine:
  • ( The apple-tree's in the wood.)
  • There was set Christ's very sign,
  • 10The bread unknown and the unknown wine
  • That the soul's life for a livelihood
  • Craves from his wheat & vine.
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