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Document Title: The Sun's Shame I (corrected fair copy, U. of British Columbia)
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1869
Type of Manuscript: fair copy manuscript with some corrections.
Scribe: DGR

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The Sun's Shame.
  • Beholding youth and hope in mockery caught
  • From life; and mocking pulses that remain
  • When the soul's death of bodily death is fain;
  • Honour unfound unknown, and honour found known unsought;
  • And sedulous penury's self-torturing thought
  • On gold, whose master therewith buys his bane;
  • And longed-for woman longing all in vain
  • For lonely man with love's desire distraught;
  • And only And wealth, & strength, & power, & pleasantness,
  • 10 Given unto bodies of whose souls men say,
  • None poor and weak, slavish and foul, as they:—
  • Beholding, we I behold the sun confess
  • At blushing morn and blushing eve the stress
  • Of shame that loads the intolerable day.

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