Dante, quando per caso s'abbandona

Cino da Pistoia

Guittoncini de Sinibuldi

General Description

Date: 1305?
Rhyme: abbaabbacdcdcd
Meter: hendecasyllabics
Genre: sonnet


“Introduction to Part II” (in The Early Italian Poets), 206-211

◦ Marti ed., Poeti del dolce stil nuovo, 734-735

Scholarly Commentary


Cino's sonnet is particularly notable for having elicited Dante's elaborate reply in his “Epistola III”. DGR's source was the text in Ciampi's Vita e Poesie di Messer Cino da Pistoia (page 151), which is fairly corrupt. For a good modern edition see Marti (pages 734-735).

See commentary for DGR's translation.

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