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Document Title: On Certain Elizabethan Revivals (Folger Library Manuscript)
Author: DGR
Date of Composition: 1870
Type of Manuscript: autograph fair copy with corrections
Scribe: DGR

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Manuscript Addition: This unpublished sonnet by Dante Gabriel Rossetti / (& in his handwriting) was given to Mr Hall Caine / for his “Sonnets of Three Centuries”, but was afterwards / withdrawn, from its being out of harmony with the body of / the author's work.
Manuscript Addition: 39 30
Added Text10
On certain Elizabethan “Revivals.”

Added TextOn certain Elizabethan Revivals
  • O ruff-embastioned vast Elizabeth,
  • Bush to these bushel-bellied casks of wine,
  • Home-growth, 'tis true, but rank as turpentine,—
  • What thought'st thou of What would we with such skittle-plays at death?
  • Say, must we watch these brawlers' brandished lathe
  • Or to their reeking wit our ears incline,
  • Because all Castaly flowed crystalline
  • In gentle Shakspeare's modulated beath?
  • What! must our drama with the rat-pit vie,
  • 10Nor the scene close while one is left to kill?
  • Write thus, & be a poet! Hark, thou man
    Added TextShall this be poetry? And thou—thou man
  • Of blood, thou cannibalic Caliban,
  • What shall be said to thee?—A poet?—Fie!
  • “An honorable murderer, if you will.”

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