Ballads and Sonnets (1881), second edition

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Production Description

Document Title: Ballads and Sonnets
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Publisher: F. S. Ellis
Printer: Chiswick Press, C. Wittingham and Co.
City of publication: London
Date of publication: 1881
Edition: 2
Pagination: [2 pp. unpaginated], [i-v], vi-xii, [1-3], 4-68, [69-71], 72-95, [96-99], 100-159, [160], [2 pp. unpaginated], [161-163], 164-263, [264-267], 268-307, [308-311], 312-335, [336], [337 advert], [338]
Authorization: DGR
Collation: [A] 6, B - Y 8, [Z] 1.


Current Location: Library of Jerome McGann

Physical Description

Cover: Green, with gold-stamped flowers over gold curlicues on spine, front, and back
Endpapers: blue floral
Font: roman
Lines per Page: 17, 24
Margin top: 1.5 cm
Margin bottom: 3 cm
Margin right: 3 cm
Margin left: 1.5 cm
Note on Typography: The number of lines per page varies. For the longer poems, like the opening ballads, the number is 17/page; for the sonnets, as in The House of Life sequence, the number is 24.
Dimensions of Document: 19 x 12.8 cm
Electronic Archive Edition: 1
Source File: 2-1881.2ndedn.rad.xml