Io miro i crespi e gli biondi capelli

Fazio degli Uberti

General Description

Date: 1350?
Rhyme: Abbcabbccdeedffgg; (sirima): Abbcddd
Meter: hendecasyllables and setenarii
Genre: canzone


“Table of Poets” in Early Italian Poets vol. 1, xxxiii-xxxv.

◦ Dante Alighieri, Opere Minori vol. 1, CCIII-CCIV, 58-61.

◦ Sapegno, Poeti Minori, 97-100.


Editorial glosses and textual notes are available in a pop-up window. Line numbering reflects the structure of the Fraticelli Text.

Scholarly Commentary


This splendid poem was sometimes attributed to Dante and in fact was printed among Dante's canzoni in the edition that DGR used, the Fraticelli (1834) edition of Dante's Opere Minori. Fraticelli's notes informed DGR that the author was Fazio, not Dante.

For further commentary see the editorial notes for DGR's translation.

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