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Document Title: Love-Lily (fair copy, Princeton/Troxell collection)
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1869
Type of Manuscript: fair copy with one small correction
Scribe: DGR

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  • Between the brows, between the lips,
  • Between the hands of Love-Lily,
  • A spirit is born who ever clips
  • My blood with fire & calls to me;
  • Who breathes upon me gazing eyes,
  • Who laughs & murmurs in mine ear,
  • At whose least touch my colour flies,
  • And whom my heart life grows faint to hear.
  • Within the voice, within the heart,
  • 10 Within the soul of Love-Lily,
  • A spirit is born who lifts apart
  • His tremulous wings & looks at me;
  • Who on my mouth his finger lays,
  • And shows, while whispering lutes confer,
  • That Eden of Love's watered ways
  • Whose winds & spirits worship her.
  • Brows, hands, & lips, heart, soul, & voice,
  • Kisses and words of Love-Lily,—
  • Oh! bid me with your joy rejoice
  • 20 Till riotous longing rest in me.
  • Ah! let not hope be still distraught,
  • But find in her its gracious goal,
  • Whose speech Love knows not from her thought
  • Nor God her body from her soul.

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