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Document Title: Concentred Companionship
Author: William Michael Rossetti
Date of publication: 1848

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Concentred Companionship
Note: “14.” is written before the title, indicating the number of the poem in the sonnet sequence.

  • Look at me: do not turn away thy face
  • That is so bright and happy smiles + is so quiet, for my mind
  • Is weary: I have sought but cannot find
  • Quiet a rest in any thoughts or any place
  • In all the world, for still the living trace but here [?]
  • Of thy dear looks, for still thy speeches bind
    Added Text[? ? ?]
  • Me to thine image, and [?] make me blind
    Added Text[? ? ?]
  • To any other object thing [?] but thy grace.
  • O think [?] thou wilt be ever with me so, —
  • 10 The music A few words of thy voice and the soft heaving
  • Of thy close-covered bosom lulling me
  • Even from myself: that I shall might ever see
  • Thy forehead and thine eyelids with this glow
  • Of love self-conscious half, and all believing.

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