Rose Mary (British Library fair copy holograph)

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Production Description

Document Title: Rose Mary
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of composition: 1874
Type of Manuscript: fair copy manuscript
Person to Whom the Manuscript was Assigned: Jane Morris
Collation: [i-ii], [1-180]
Note: The poem is copied out on pages 1-41.
Scribe: DGR
Corrector: DGR


Current Location: British Library, Morris Papers, vol. XV
Catalog Number: Add. 45352

Physical Description

Cover: Soft blue leather cover trimmed in gold
Note on binding: On upper left inside the front cover is a stationer's label: Sold by

Partridige & Cooper

192 Fleet St.
Paper: ruled white laid paper
Watermark: J. ALLEN & SONS

Dimensions of Document: 22.2 x 18 cm

Scholarly Commentary


The poem is copied neatly into one of DGR's typical notebooks, of which only two other intact copies survive: the Jane Morris gift notebook in the Bodleian and a fair copy of “St. Agnes of Intercession” in the University of Virginia library. Like the Bodleian notebook, this notebook with “Rose Mary” was sent as a gift to Jane Morris in 1874. Both notebooks were given to recall the time they spent together in 1871 at Kelmscott, where DGR wrote the poems in the two manuscript volumes.

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Source File: 29-1871.blms.rad.xml
Copyright: By Permission of the British Library