Ford Madox Brown (biographical notice in Men of the Time)

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

General Description

Date: 1857
Subject: Ford Madox Brown
Genre: prose

Scholarly Commentary


Of all DGR's contemporaries, Ford Madox Brown was the one he wrote about most frequently. This article is his third on Brown; the other two are the 1851 “Ford Madox Brown” and “Mr. Madox Brown's Pictures - The Liverpool Academy

Textual History: Composition

In Dante Gabriel Rossetti as Designer and Writer, 140 , WMR states that “In or about” 1857, “Rossetti wrote another little article about Madox Brown—the brief biographical notice which appears in Men of the Time; a notice which has been added to by some other hand at a later date, and which may or may not, in other respects, stand strictly as written by Rossetti.”

Printing History

The earliest comfirmable edition of Men of the Time to contain a sketch of Brown was the fourth, published in 1857, where it appeared in the Addenda section; this text is presented here. Later editions of Men of the Time (e.g., 1872, 1887, 1891) published altered versions of the sketch of Brown.

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