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Document Title: The Soul's Sphere (Delaware draft manuscript)
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1873
Type of Manuscript: draft manuscript
Scribe: DGR

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Manuscript Addition: X
Editorial Description: DGR's mark in left margin beside line 5, signaling the alternate reading of the line scripted at the end of the sonnet, at the bottom of the page.
Manuscript Addition: Sonnet LXII
Editorial Description: Notation (probably by DGR) of the 1881 “House of Life” sonnet number in the upper right corner.
The Soul's Sphere.
  • Some prisoned moon in steep cloud-fastnesses,—
  • Throned queen and thralled; some dying sun whose pyre
  • Blazed with momentous memorable fire;—
  • Who hath not yearned & fed his heart with these?
  • Who, sleepless, hath not wearied anguished to appease
  • Tragical shadow's realm all of sound & sight
  • Conjectured in the lamentable night?
  • Lo! The soul's sphere of infinite images.
  • What sense shall count them? Whether it forecast
  • 10The mothrose-winged hours that flutter in the van
  • Of Love's unquestioning unrevealèd span,—
  • Visions of golden futures ; : or that last
  • Wild pageant of the accumulated past
  • That clangs & flashes for a drowning man.

  • Who, dreaming sleepless, hath not toiled to appease
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