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Document Title: The Next New Hamlet's Soliloquy (corrected manuscript
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1874
Type of Manuscript: holograph corrected copy

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The Next New Hamlet's Soliloquy

  • To be or not to be (that is the question!)
  • A Hamlet far from Shakspere's first suggestion:
  • Whether 'tis nobler in a chap to suffer
  • New parts, or be a Great Shaksperian Duffer;
  • And to endure perchance, like Arthur Orton
  • The rotten-egg-showers of outrageous fortune,
  • The critic's spurn, the verdict “No Great Shakes”
  • Which conscious merit of the unworthy takes:—
  • Aye, to take arms against this sea of troubles,—
  • 10Become the last of Hamlet's myriad doubles,—
  • And seek tempt Fame's unknown country, from whose bourne
  • Comes no one at whom some one has not sworn.
  • Should a bloke chap play the parts that suit a cove,
  • Or fly to others that he knows not of?
  • Ah! Shakspere might make cowards of us all,
  • From Edmund Kean to Mr. Howard Paul;
  • But I'll be blowed if he makes me sing small.

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