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Document Title: A Soul Singing
Author: William Michael Rossetti
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1848
Type of Manuscript: fair copy corrected
Scribe: DGR

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Manuscript Addition: (9 m.)
Editorial Description: Notation at lower right indicating it was written in nine minutes.
36. A Soul Singing.
  • I held my breath and listened to her song:
  • The sounds flowed came from her lips as sweet as I knew the words how well for they were those
  • Which Angels sing to God The first I heard her sing; and a repose,
  • Almost a trance, fell/came was on me, while the long
  • Unbroken harmony came quick slow and strong,
  • As it is in the Church when the priest shows
    Added TextLike in a grand Church's music near its close
  • Christ's body to his worshippers:— it And still it rose & sank & sank & rose
  • And rose up to the sky up like a flame. Meseemed that wrong
  • Must pause while she was singing, and that whom
  • 10 Hope had forsaken, as if they were The true life was gone out of, being rid
  • Quite of her, Of love & truth must then feel that Love o'er find out that it is all
  • The world will triumph; that, Pretence. They come; but now tho' in the tomb
  • Darkly Shut down & nailed beneath the coffin-lid,
  • They will would live and rise up when he shall if Love should call.

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