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Document Title: For a Marriage of St. Katharine, by the same (Hans Memmeling) (WMR corrected copy)
Author: DGR
Date of Composition: 1849
Type of Manuscript: corrected fair copy
Scribe: WMR

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Manuscript Addition: 475
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Manuscript Addition: Rossetti
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For Ruggiero & Angelica, rescued from the Sea-Mon-

, by Ingres , in the Luxembourg.
  • A remote sky, prolonged to the sea's brim.
  • One rock-point standing buffeted alone,
  • Vexed at its base with a foul beast
  • unknown,
  • Hell- spurge birth of geomaunt & teraphim.
  • A knight, & a winged creature bearing him,
  • Reared at the rock. A woman fettered there,
  • Leaning into the hollow, with loose hair,
  • And throat let back, & heartsick trail of
  • limb.
  • The sky is harsh, & the sea shrewd & salt.
  • 10 Under his lord the griffin-horse ramps
  • blind,
  • With rigid wings & tail. The spear's
  • lithe stem
  • Thrills in the roaring of those jaws: behind,
  • That evil length of body chafes at fault.
  • She doth does not see nor hear hear nor see—she
  • knows of them.
  • Clench thine eyes now,—'tis the last instant,
  • girl!
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  • Draw in thy senses, set thy knees, & take
  • One breath for all: thy life is keen awake.
  • Thou mayst not swoon. Was that the
  • scattered whirl
  • Of its foam drenched thee? or the waves that
  • curl
  • And split, bleak spray wherein thy temples
  • ache?
  • Or was it his the champion's blood, to
  • flake
  • Thy flesh? or thine own blood's anointing,
  • girl? . . .
  • Now, silence: for the sea's is such a sound
  • 10 As irks not silence, & except the sea
  • All now is still. Now the dead thing 1
  • doth cease
  • To writhe, & drifts. He turns to her: & she,
  • Cast from the jaws of d Death, remains there
  • bound,
  • Again a woman in her nakedness.

Transcribed Footnote (page [2]):

1 Rossetti must have forgotten at this point the de-

tail of Ariosto's poem. The Orc was not slain by Rug-


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