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Document Title: Filii Filia (fair copy manuscript, Delware Art Museum library)
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1869
Type of Manuscript: holograph pen and ink fair copy
Scribe: DGR

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Printer's Direction: To follow Dantis Tenebrae p. 274
Editorial Description: Written in upper right corner on the manuscript.
Filii Filia.

  • The lilies stand before her like a screen
  • Through which, upon this warm & solemn day,
  • God surely hears. For there she kneels to pray
  • Who bore our Bourne of prayer,—Mary the Queen.
  • She was Faith's Present, parting what had been
  • From what began with her and is for aye:
  • On either side God's twofold system lay,—
  • With meek bowed face a virgin prayed between.
  • So prays she, and the Dove flies in to her,
  • 10 And she has turned. Within the porch is one
  • Who looks as though deep awe made him to smile.
  • Heavy with heat, the plants yield shadow there,
  • The loud flies cross each other in the sun,
  • And the aisle-pillars meet the poplar-aisle.
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  • Upon a sun-scorched road when noon was deep
  • I passed a little consecrated shrine
  • Where among simple pictures ranged in line
  • The blessed Mary holds her son asleep.
  • To kneel here, shepherd-children leave their sheep
  • When silence broods at heart of the sunshine,
  • And again kneel here in the day's decline,
  • And here, when their life ails them, come to weep.
  • Night being full, I passed on the same road
  • 10By the same shrine. Within, a lamp was lit
  • Which through the depth of utter darkness glow'd.
  • Then, after heat of life, when doubts arise
  • Dim-hurtling, faith's pure lamp must beam on it,—
  • How oft unlit, alas! how oft that dies!
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