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Dennis Shand

This collection contains 23 Rossetti Archive files.


  1. Dennis Shand (fair copy, corrected: Humanities Research Center, U. of Texas)1850



  1. The Works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1911)1911


Proof States:

  1. Poems (1870): Proofs for first edition, Fitzwilliam Museum (Copy 1)1870 March 1 (and 22 March for additional material)
  2. Poems (1870): Mixed Proofs 1869-1870, Fitzwilliam Museum1869 October - 1970 March
  3. Poems. (Privately Printed.): A Proof, Lasner Copy1869 September 13
  4. Poems. (Privately Printed.): the A2 Proofs (partial), British Library Copy (Ashley 1399)1869 September 20
  5. Poems. (Privately Printed).: the A2 Proofs, Fitzwilliam Museum Copy1869 September 20
  6. Poems. (Privately Printed).: Penkill Proofs, Princeton/Troxell (copy 1)1869 August 18
  7. Poems. (Privately Printed.): Penkill Proofs, Princeton/Troxell (copy 2)1869 August 18
  8. Dennis Shand (Second Trial Book fragment)1869
  9. Dennis Shand (Second Trial Book fragment)1869
  10. Dennis Shand (Corrected Galley Proof)1869 August


Trial Books:

  1. Poems. (Privately Printed).: First Trial Book, British Library copy (Ashley 1393)1869 October 3
  2. Poems. (Privately Printed).: First Trial Book (Fitzwilliam Museum copy)1869 October 3
  3. Poems. (Privately Printed.), First Trial Book (Huntington Library copy1869 October 3
  4. Poems. (Privately Printed).: First Trial Book, Princeton/Troxell (Losh copy)1869 October 3
  5. Poems. (Privately Printed.): First Trial Book (partial), Princeton/Troxell (copy 1)1869 October 3
  6. Poems. (Privately Printed.): Second Trial Book, British Library, (Ashley 1400)1869 November 30 (25 November - 6 December)
  7. Poems. (Privately Printed).: Second Trial Book (Fitzwilliam Museum copy)1869 November 25
  8. Poems, Privately Printed: Second Trial Book, Alice Boyd/Lasner copy.1869 November 25
  9. Poems. (Privately Printed.): Proofs for the Second Trial Book (partial), Princeton/Troxell.1869 November 25-26
  10. Poems. (Privately Printed.): Second Trial Book, Princeton/Troxell.1869 November 25
  11. Poems. (Privately Printed.): Second Trial Book (partial), author's working copy, Princeton/Troxell.1869 November 25