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Document Title: John Keats (Delaware first draft)
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1880
Type of Manuscript: draft manuscript
Scribe: DGR

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John Keats
  • The weltering City London ways where children weep
  • And girls whom none call maidens laugh; the lane
  • That winds b Between the lazar- hospital beds of drown moaning pain;
  • The brink of Helicon Castaly and Lamos' steep:—
  • Such were his paths, till last his steps feet sunk deeper & more deep
  • In the dull He trod the sands of Lethe; and his brain,
  • Weary with labour scorned and love found vain,
  • Drowsed where the shadow of dead Rome wraps his sleep.
  • O pang-dowered Poet, who with resonant lips,
  • 10Tabret and timbrel, woke the m Moon's eclipse,—
  • Thou whom the daisies glory in growing o'er,—
  • To us thou leav'st their fragrance, and a name
  • Not writ but spoken in water, while thy fame
  • Echoes along Time's flood for evermore!
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