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Document Title: A Virgin and Child, by Hans Memmeling; in the Academy of Bruges (WMR corrected copy)
Author: DGR
Date of Composition: 1849
Type of Manuscript: corrected fair copy
Scribe: WMR

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Manuscript Addition: 475
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For A Virgin and Child, by Hans Memling, Memmelinck,

in the Academy of Bruges.
  • Mystery: God, man's Life, born into man
  • Of woman. There abideth on her brow
  • The ended pang of Knowledge, the which now
  • Is calm assured. Since first her task began,
  • She hath known all. What more of anguish than
  • Endurance oft hath lived thro', the whole space
  • Thro' night till night day, passed weak upon her
  • face
  • While like a heavy flood the heard lapse of darkness slowly ran?
  • All hath been told her touching her dear Son,
  • 10 And all shall be accomplished. Where He sits,
  • Even now, a babe, He holds the symbol
  • fruit
  • Perfect & chosen. Until God permits,
  • His soul's elect still have the absolute
  • Harsh nether darkness, & make painful moan.

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