For a Marriage of St. Katharine, by the same (Hans Memmeling) (WMR corrected copy)


Production Description

Document Title: For a Marriage of St. Katharine, by the same, in the Hospital of St. John at Bruges
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of composition: 1849
Type of Manuscript: corrected fair copy
Collation: 1 small leaf
Scribe: WMR
Corrector: WMR


Current Location: South African National Gallery

Physical Description

Paper: cream laid paper
Dimensions of Document: 7 x 4 1/2 in.

Scholarly Commentary


This copy of the sonnet is one of six made by WMR for a book he contemplated, to be titled Dicta of Artists, “Being Remarks by Various British Artists and Other Artists on Matters of Art”. He compiled the materials sometime after the turn of the century. The section of the book devoted to DGR's comments on art included this sonnet plus five other of DGR's “Sonnets for Pictures”, including “For a Venetian Pastoral, by Giorgione (In the Louvre)” , “For a Virgin and Child, by Hans Memmling, in the Academy of Bruges”, “For an Allegorical Dance of Women by Andrea Mantegna (In the Louvre)” , and the pair of sonnets “For Ruggiero and Angelica, by Ingres”. The projected book, with these sonnets, is preserved in the library of the National Museum of South Africa.

Like “For a Virgin and Child, by Hans Memmling, in the Academy of Bruges”, this copy is notable because WMR's text lays upon the early (1849) version of the sonnet a set of revisions that represent DGR's later changes to the work. In the manuscript it is copied immediately after the manuscript of the latter sonnet in such a way as to suggest the two constitute a pair.

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