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Document Title: Thomas Chatterton (Delaware draft manuscript)
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1880 April
Type of Manuscript: draft manuscript
Scribe: DGR

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Thomas Chatterton.
  • With Shakespeare's manhood at a boy's wild heart,—
  • Through Hamlet's doubt to Shakespeare near allied
  • And kin to Milton through his Satan's pride,—
  • At Death's sole door he stooped, and craved a dart;
  • And to the dear new throne bower of England's art,—
  • Even to that unknown [?] shrine Time else had deified,
  • The unuttered heart that soared against his side,—
  • He d Drove the fell point , deep, and scorned the smart. and smote life's seals apart.
  • Thy nested home-loves, noble Chatterton;
  • 10The angel-trodden stair thy soul could trace
  • Up Redcliffe's spire; and in the world's armed space
  • Thy gallant sword-play:—These to many an one
  • Are sweet for ever; as thy grave unknown
  • And unrecorded inmost / sacred / secret love-dream of thy thine unrecorded face.
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