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Document Title: Genuine Extract from the Diary & Letters of a Maniac
Author: DGR
Date of Composition: 1849 June 30
Type of Manuscript: miscellaneous collection
Scribe: DGR

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“Remember me to Gabriel; I fear he has quarrelled with me.”

Genuine Extract from the Diary & Letters of a Maniac
  • He says that I am wroth with him.
  • Which reading, I should have been wroth
  • Indeed, if the strange overgrowth
  • Of downright nonsense & crude whim
  • Which straggles once & yet again
  • From page to page of that wild note
  • Had not first proved him, beyond doubt,
  • Quite irresponsibly insane.
  • Was this well, brother, to have rear'd
  • 10Thy pen against me? I would come
  • To Lambeth through the heat & hum
  • And beard thee— hads't thou any beard.
  • Bravo! Go at him! Crushing, this!
  • Revenge, folk say, is sweet. It is.
  • Ha! ha! ha! ha! He! he! he! he!
  • Thus much from Dante Rossetti
  • To Frederic Stephens, P.R.B.
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