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Document Title: The Subject of Imitative Painting
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of Composition: 1852?
Type of Manuscript: holograph fair copy

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The Subject of Imitative Painting
Note: The title is written at the foot of the page
Greek Ideal—Plato's Republic (Davies

& Vaughan) B[ook] V p. 207
Socr. Do you think any the worse

of the merits of an artist who has

painted a beau ideal of human

beauty, & has left nothing lacking

in the picture because he cannot

prove that such a man as he

has painted might possibly exist?
Glaucon. No, indeed I do not.
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reasoned out at some length in

B[ook] 10 from p. 379, & the imitative

art condemned because it does

not go at first hand to the essences

of things—the idea or divine pattern

of a bed or table for instance but

at second hand to the individual

human bed & table which are them

selves only chips of imitation from the

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