S' io fossi fuoco arderei lo mondo

Cecco Angiolieri

Production Description

Document Title: [Untitled]
Author: Cecco Angiolieri
Date of composition: 1848?
Type of Manuscript: holograph draft copy
Collation: verso blank
Scribe: DGR


Current Location: Library of the South African National Gallery

Physical Description

Paper: pale blue wove, unruled
Dimensions of Document: 5 x 7 3/4 in

Scholarly Commentary


The small manuscript is among a cache of materials originally in the possession of WMR and after that of John Robert Wahl. They finally passed into the library of the South African National Gallery.

Textual History: Composition

The date of DGR's transcription is conjectural, but the paper, we know, dates from about 1848. Furthermore, a note by WMR that accompanies this transcription and other transcriptions in the South African National Gallery—principally transcriptions of sonnets by Cecco Angiolieri—specifically dates the manuscripts from 1848.

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Copyright: Published with permission of Iziko Museums of Cape Town