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Document Title: [To Ford Madox Brown]
Author: DGR
Date of Composition: 1854 July 29
Type of Manuscript: letter
Scribe: DGR

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  • Dear Brown
  • Are you never in town?
  • I should have come down
  • But it costs half a crown.
  • (At least if it don't
  • The rhyme must account.)
  • And not painting anything
  • My work don't a penny bring.
  • I'm glad that old White
  • 10Seems abating his spite,
  • Perhaps he's not quite
  • Such a “gory” old wight;
  • So as yet let us hope
  • That instead of a rope
  • The worthy old scoundrel
  • May retain his all-round-gill.
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  • But as to his doings
  • And jawings and jewings,
  • William brought me the news,
  • 20And he's far from diffuse.
  • So I wish you'd look in
  • When you come up for tin
  • (Or with ticker to spout it)
  • And tell us all about it.
  • And if from these cads
  • You've superfluous brads,
  • To my crib you may lug 'em,
  • ( Dear Lizzy's a Guggum.)
  • Where limited bread
  • 30You shall find, & a bed,
  • Or for tea we will ring
  • If to get it you'll bring
  • A bob or a tizzy.
  • ( What a Guggum is Lizzy!)
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  • If you come though, don't hollor
  • At my evident squalor,
  • Nor cut me and run
  • At the sight of the dun,
  • Nor make for the door
  • 40At the sound of the bore,
  • Nor suppose that the landlord
  • With lodging will stand board,
  • Nor as to my picture
  • Throw out any conjecture.
  • So now if you come
  • To where ego sum,
  • You know the condition
  • ( Dear Lizzy's a pigeon.)
  • And now don't be witty
  • 50Upon DG Rossetti
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