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Document Title: Mary's Girlhood (For a Picture)
Author: DGR
Date of Composition: 1848 November 21
Type of Manuscript: fair copy
Scribe: DGR

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  • This is that blessed Mary, pre-elect
  • God's Virgin. Gone is a great while since she
  • Dwelt thus in Nazareth of Galilee.
  • Loving she was, with temperate respect:
  • A profound simpleness of intellect
  • Was hers, and extreme patience. From the knee
  • Faithful and hopeful; wise in charity;
  • Strong in grave peace; in duty circumspect.
  • Thus held she through her girlhood; as it were
  • 10 An angel-watered lily, that near God
  • Grows and is quiet. Till one dawn, at home,
  • She woke in her white bed, and had no fear
  • At all, yet wept for a brief period;
  • Because the fulness of the time was come.
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