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Document Title: On the Site of a Mulberry-Tree; Planted by Wm Shakspeare; felled by the Rev. F. Gastrell (Corrected Galley Proof)
Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Date of publication: 1869 August
Printer: Strangeways

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Printer's Direction: Try & get in one line. Italics if necessary
Editorial Description: DGR's note to the printer in the left margin beside the title.
On the Site of a Mulberry-Tree ; ,

Planted by Wm. Shakspeare; Overthrown felled By the

  • This tree, here fall'n, no common birth or death
  • Shared with its kind. The world's enfranchised son,
  • Who found the trees of Life and Knowledge one,
  • Here set it, frailer than his laurel-wreath.
  • Shall not the wretch whose hand it fell beneath
  • Rank also singly—the supreme unhung?
  • Lo! murdered Turpin pleading, with black tongue
  • This viler thief's unsuffocated breath!
  • We'll search thy glossary, Shakspeare! whence almost,
  • 10 And whence alone, some name shall be reveal'd
  • For this deaf drudge, to whom no length of ears
  • Sufficed to catch the music of the spheres;
  • Whose soul is carrion now,—too mean to yield
  • Some tailor's ninth allotment of a ghost.
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