The Two Partings

William Fulford

General Description

Date: 1856
Genre: Short Story


◦ LeMire, Eugene D., ed. The Hollow Land.

◦ Houghton, The Wellesley Index, pp. 723-731.

Scholarly Commentary

Guest Editor: PC Fleming


This story is by William Fulford. Though The Wellesley Index suggests the possibility that William Morris wrote the story (729; based on evidence from Buxton Forman’s list), Eugene LeMire shows that the two poems in this story (pages 113 and 115) also appear in Fulford’s 1859 volume of poetry, Songs of Life (LeMire xxvi). These poems seem to be the focus of the story, which is much shorter and generally less interesting than the other tales in The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine.

Printing History

First printed in The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine , February, 1856.

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