Rossetti Archive Textual Transcription

Document Title: Nocturne
Author: William Allan
Date of Composition: 1884 July
Type of Manuscript: holograph

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A stranger deigns to send you the enclosed lines called forth on reading some sonnets, and biographical sketch, of your brother—D. G. Rossetti—
Apologising for my intrusion I remain
Yours truly,

W. A.
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Manuscript Addition: July 84
Editorial Description: Allan's date

  • My Dante lies at Birchington,
  • Low, Low, Low,
  • The flowers I planted bloom upon
  • His grave I know;
  • I loved the Child of Song and Art,
  • I loved the offerings of his heart,
  • They spake of one from whom to part
  • Were woe, were woe.—

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  • Rest, Dante! purest of mankind,
  • 10Low, Low, Low,
  • Tears are for lovers left behind,
  • Mine flow, mine flow;
  • Tho' hushed thy voice and closed thine eye,
  • Thy spirit still to me is nigh,
  • The joy thou gavest cannot die,
  • O! no! no! no!—

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  • Sleep, Dante, Sleep! at Birchington
  • Sound, Sound, Sound,
  • Long, lasting love will cling upon
  • 20Thy lowly mound;
  • Why should I weep or grieve for thee,
  • When thou art with the few who be
  • Sweet singers of eternity,?—
  • Love-crowned, Love-crowned.—

W m. A
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