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Document Title: The Athenaeum, 1874, Part II
Author: John Francis (publisher)
Date of publication: 1874 July - 1874 December
Publisher: John Francis
Printer: Edward J. Francis
Volume: 1874, Part II
Issue: 2456

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Born 1855; Died 1874.
  • Upon the landscape of his coming life
  • A youth high-gifted gazed, and found it fair:
  • The heights of work, the floods of praise, were there.
  • What friendships, what desires, what love, what
  • wife?—
  • All things to come. The fanned springtide was rife
  • With imminent solstice; and the ardent air
  • Had summer sweets and autumn fires to bear;—
  • Heart's ease full-pulsed with perfect strength for strife.
  • A mist has risen: we see the youth no more:
  • 10Does he see on and strive on? And may we,
  • Late-tottering worldworn hence, find his to be
  • The young strong hand which helps us up that shore?
  • Or, echoing the No More with Nevermore,
  • Must Night be ours and his? We hope: and he?
D. G. Rossetti.

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