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Document Title: The Athenaeum, 1881, Part I
Author: John Francis (publisher)
Date of publication: 1881 January - 1881 June
Publisher: John Francis
Printer: E. J. Francis & Co.
Volume: 1881, Part I

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(By Michael Angelo, in the National Gallery.)
  • Turn not the prophet's page, O Son! He knew
  • All that thou hast to suffer, and hath writ.
  • Not yet thine hour of knowledge. Infinite
  • The sorrows that thy manhood's years must rue
  • And dire acquaintance of thy grief. That clue
  • The spirits of thy mournful ministerings
  • Seek through yon scroll in silence. For these
  • things
  • The angels have desired to look into.
  • Still before Eden waves the fiery sword,—
  • 10Her Tree of Life unransomed; whose sad Tree
  • Of Knowledge yet to growth of Calvary
  • Must yield its Tempter,—Hell the earliest dead
  • Of Earth resign,—and yet, O Son and Lord,
  • The Seed o' the woman bruise the serpent's
  • head.
Dante G. Rossetti.

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Transcribed Note (page 20):

* In this picture the Virgin Mother is seen withholding

from the Child-Saviour the prophetic book in which his

sufferings are foretold. Angelic figures behind examine a


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