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Document Title: The Athenaeum, 1881, Part II
Author: John Francis (publisher)
Date of publication: 1881 July - 1881 December
Publisher: John Francis
Printer: E. J. Francis & Co.
Volume: 1881, Part II

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  • Even as a child, of sorrow that we give
  • The dead, but little in his heart can find,
  • Since without need of thought to his clear mind
  • Their turn it is to die and his to live:—
  • Even so the winged New Love smiles to receive
  • Along his eddying plumes the auroral wind,
  • Nor, forward glorying, casts one look behind
  • Where night-wrack shrouds the Old Love fugitive.
  • There is a change in every hour's recall,
  • 10And the last cowslip in the fields we see
  • On the same day with the first corn-poppy.
  • Alas for hourly change! Alas for all
  • The loves that from his hand proud Youth lets fall,
  • Even as the beads of a told rosary!
Dante G. Rossetti

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