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Document Title: The Dark Blue, Volume 2
Author: British Colonial (publisher)
Date of publication: 1871 September - 1872 February
Publisher: British & Colonial Publishing Co., Ltd
Printer: John B. Day
Volume: 2

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Note: Engraving is turned on its left side in order to fit the page. The bottom half of the title has been cut off by the microfilm, from which this image of the periodical was photocopied.

Down Stream



Figure: Man kissing a woman's cheek in a rowboat floating on a body of water. Man in profile turned to right, his left hand clutches her around the neck, right hand holds her right hand. Woman, facing front, wears a long flowing dress and bonnet, left hand rests on an oar. Both figures full length.

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Down Stream.

  • Between Holmscote and Hurstcote
  • The river-reaches wind,
  • The whispering trees accept the breeze,
  • The ripple's cool and kind:
  • With love low-whispered 'twixt the shores,
  • With rippling laughters gay,
  • With white arms bared to ply the oars,
  • On last year's first of May.
  • Between Holmscote and Hurstcote
  • 10 The river's brimmed with rain,
  • Through close-met banks and parted banks
  • Now near now far again:
  • With parting tears caressed to smiles,
  • With meeting promised soon,
  • With every sweet vow that beguiles,
  • On last year's first of June.
  • Between Holmscote and Hurstcote
  • The river's flecked with foam,
  • 'Neath shuddering clouds that hang in shrouds
  • 20 And lost winds wild for home:
  • With infant wailings at the breast,
  • With homeless steps astray,
  • With wanderings shuddering tow'rds one rest,
  • On this year's first of May.
  • Between Holmscote and Hurstcote
  • The summer river flows
  • With doubled flight of moons by night
  • And lilies' deep repose:
  • With lo! beneath the moon's white stare
  • 30 A white face not the moon,
  • With lilies meshed in tangled hair,
  • On this year's first of June.
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  • Between Holmscote and Hurstcote
  • A troth was given and riven;
  • From heart's trust grew one life to two,
  • Two lost lives cry to Heaven:
  • With banks spread calm to meet the sky,
  • With meadows newly mowed,
  • The harvest paths of glad July,
  • 40 The sweet school-children's road.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti.


Figure: Untitled engraving by Ford Madox Brown. Woman lying on her right side, floating in stream, eyes closed, holding infant with right arm. Most of her body is underwater. Moon rises in the background.

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