The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine (August Issue, cancel leaves)

Bell and Daldy (publisher)

Production Description

Document Title: The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine
Publisher: Bell and Daldy
Printer: Chiswick Press
City of publication: London
Date of publication: Uncertain
Edition: 1
Pagination: 465-466; 483-484
Issue: 1


Note: Transcribed from a facsimile edition at Alderman Library at the University of Virginia.

Physical Description

Point: 6
Font: caslon
Lines per Page: 52
Columns: 2
Margin top: 1.4 cm
Margin bottom: 2.1 cm
Margin right: 1.9 cm
Margin left: 1.7 cm
Dimensions of Document: 21.7x14cm


  • Forman, H. Buxton. The Books of William Morris.

Scholarly Commentary

Guest Editor: PC Fleming


Two cancel leaves were printed to correct errors in the August issue of The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine . The first leaf (pages 465-6) was printed to correct the error on page 465: in the first printing, the last line of the second column was printed as the first line of the first column, and the first line of the first column was printed as the first line of the second column. The copies of the magazine at the University of Delaware, the Huntington Library, the British Library, and the Beinecke Library all have the uncorrected leaf for pages 465-6 when the issues are left separate from one another. When the twelve issues are bound together under one cover, as is usual, the leaf is corrected. The Huntington Library bound copy from Buxton Forman's collection has the uncorrected leaf inserted in the back, and a note included with the magazine reads “Contains, beside all wrappers & advertisements, the portraits of Carlyle & of Tennyson extremely seldom found, and then cancelled leaf pp. 465-6, for which see end”. In The Books of William Morris, Forman claims that this leaf is sometimes found bound together with the December issue.

The second leaf (pages 483-4) was printed to correct the error on page 484. In the second column, the first two lines of the first paragraph are inverted. This error seems to have been corrected during printing. The BL copy, the Beinecke copy, and one of the Huntington copies still including the covers and advertisements all have page 484 printed with the error. But the other Huntington copy (Forman’s) and the copy at Delaware have this error corrected, though they still have the error on page 465. Forman’s notes at the Huntington do not mention this second cancel leaf in, nor does The Books of William Morris. Since he made a point of mentioning the other leaf, presumably he received his copy with this error alreay corrected, rather than inserting the cancel leaf himself.

Thanks to Mark Lasner at Delaware, Alan Jutzi at the Huntington, and Natalia Sciarini at Yale for their help checking these pages.

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