The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine (January Issue, cancel leaves)

Bell and Daldy (publisher)

Production Description

Document Title: The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine
Publisher: Bell and Daldy
Printer: Chiswick Press
City of publication: London
Date of publication: January 1856
Edition: 1
Pagination: 62-64
Issue: 1


Note: Transcribed from a facsimile edition at Alderman Library at the University of Virginia.

Physical Description

Point: 6
Font: caslon
Lines per Page: 52
Columns: 2
Margin top: 1.4 cm
Margin bottom: 2.1 cm
Margin right: 1.9 cm
Margin left: 1.7 cm
Dimensions of Document: 21.7x14cm


  • Forman, H. Buxton. The Books of William Morris.

Scholarly Commentary

Guest Editor: PC Fleming


The January issue of The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine exists in at least two states. In the corrected state, transcribed with the full issue, Wilfred Heeley's essay on Kingsley takes up the entire of page 62, and Morris's poem "Winter Weather" begins on page 63. In this earlier, misprinted state, several lines of Heeley's essay are omitted, and Morris's poem begins on page 62. The change affects the subsequent pages as well, although there is enough white space on page 64 to accomodate the extra text without changing the pagination.

The cover of the January issue, which contains the table of contents, also exists in two states, one showing "Winter Weather" beginning on page 62, the other showing the poem beginning on page 63. In all copies examined, the table of contents on the cover is consistent with the pagination. The global table of contents , printed in the December issue, shows "Winter Weather" beginning on page 63.

In the corrected state, Heeley's initials appear at the bottom of his essay, making it one of only two signed submissions to the Magazine. The other is Georgiana Macdonald's poem, "The Porch of Life", in the December issue.

Buxton Forman, who published the most complete bibliographic description of the Magazine, makes no notice of this variant, though he does mention one of the two cancel leaves in the August issue. His copy of the Magazine, at the Huntington Library, is the uncorrected state, with "Winter Weather" beginning on page 62.

Thanks to Mark Lasner at Delaware and Alan Jutzi at the Huntington for their help checking different copies of these pages.

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