Thomas James Wise and H. Buxton Forman

[Dante Gabriel Rossetti]

General Description

Date: 1887
Sources of the Work:
Literary Source: T. J. Wise and H. Buxton Forman London [i-iii], 1-12, [13-15]


◦ Carter and Pollard, Certain Nineteenth Century Pamphlets, 218-221.

◦ Barker and Collins, Sequel to Certain Nineteenth Century Pamphlets, 110.

◦ WMR, Bibliography, 17 (item no. 15).

◦ Lewis, Thomas James Wise and the Trial Book Fallacy., 137-156

Scholarly Commentary


This notorious forgery by Wise and Forman was not definitively proven as a fake until 1983 (see the Barker and Collins work cited in the bibliography below)


The pamphlet was a popular item with collectors from its first appearance, but it was also suspected as a forgery from very early. WMR, in his Bibliography, repudiated the possibility of Verses as a true edition. Later in revising the Bibliography, he made an exception on this point, likely for the sake of civility.

Printing History

Printed no earlier than August 1887, and no later than November 1887. The existence of the copies on vellum and fine paper mark this production as intended for a collector; because the market for such fine press work arose later on. Carter and Pollard use this evidence to question the forgers' production date of 1881.



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