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Document Title: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Author: Thomas H. Hall Caine
Date of Composition: 1880 May 12
Type of Manuscript: holograph fair copy

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May 12 th 1880 *

Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
  • As when the red ripe harvest, newly mown,
  • Is gathered to a garner where it fell,
  • And some stout reaper, laden all too well,
  • Bears to the barn what grain his fields have grown,
  • And, striding through the stubble, feels it blown
  • In stray end ears, by wayward winds, away;
  • And sees the younglings snatch the shreds in play
  • And fly in first, and house them for their own:—
  • So thou, Rossetti, seëst thy Autumn crown'd
  • 10With the full fruit, and markest many a mate
  • Grow great with spoils in steps of thy feet found;
  • Yet farest thou best: Well may'st thou choose to wait;
  • For lo, strong toiler, thou com'st last, though late,
  • Laden with golden treasure to the ground.
T. H. Hall Caine
Transcribed Footnote (page [1]):

*This sonnet would be more seasonable if dated, say, May 12 th 2000.

May a better sonnet celebrate that truer Autumn! T.H.H.C.

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