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Document Title: An Excellent Ballad of Charity
Author: Thomas Chatterton
Date of Composition: 1880 May
Type of Manuscript: draft manuscript
Scribe: DGR

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Manuscript Addition: in slip[?]
Editorial Note: This note, in upper left corner, and “W. Loney” are added in pencil.
An Excellent Ballad of Charity.

W. Loney.

  • In Virginè the sultry sun 'gan
  • sheene
  • And hot upon the meads did
  • cast his ray:
  • The apple ruddied from its paly
  • green e,
  • And the soft pear did bend
  • the leafy spray;
  • The pied chilàndry x sang the
  • livelong day:
  • 'Twas now the pride, the manhood
  • of the year,
  • And eke the ground was dight in
  • its most deft summer. xx
  • The sun was gleaming in the mid
  • of day,
  • Dead still the air and eke the welkin
  • blue,
  • 10When from the sea arist in drear array

Transcribed Footnote (page [1]):

x Goldfinch

Transcribed Footnote (page [1]):

xx Used by Chatterton as “mantle”

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