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Document Title: Wedding Ballad
Author: Thomas Chatterton
Date of Composition: 1880 May
Type of Manuscript: copy of poem
Scribe: DGR

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Wedding Ballad.

( from “Œlla”.)
  • As Elinor by the green arbour way
  • sitting,
  • As from the sun's heat she harried, x
  • She said, as her white hands white
  • hosen were knitting,
  • “What pleasure it is to be married!
  • “My husband, Lord Thomas, a
  • forester bold
  • As ever clove pin or the basket,
  • Does nothing most cherished dear-cherished nought dearly cherished xx from
  • Elinor hold,—
  • I have it as soon as I ask it.
  • “When I lived with my father in merry
  • Cloud-dell,
  • 10Though 'twas at my choice to mind
  • spinning,
  • I still wanted something, but what,
  • could not tell;
  • My lord fathers barb'd xxx hall had no
  • winning.

Transcribed Footnote (page [1]):

x Hastened. Chatterton.

Transcribed Footnote (page [1]):

xx Chatterton's text says,—

  • “Does no cherysauncys from Elinor hold
  • Elynour houlde,” &c.
It seems unavoidable to adopt this oddly

archaic word, but we much regret doing

so, quite agreeing with Warton that

“the old Chaucerian word “cherisauncey”

never danced so gaily before”; and we

doubt not Chatterton specially enjoyed it.

Transcribed Footnote (page [1]):

xxx Hung with armour.


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  • “Each morning I rise, do I set all
  • my maidens,
  • Some to spin, some to curdle, some
  • bleaching;
  • If any new-entered do ask for my
  • aidance,
  • Then straightaway you find me
  • a-teaching.
  • “Lord Walter, my father, he lovèd
  • me well,
  • And nothing unto me was needing;
  • But should I again go to merry
  • Cloud-dell,
  • 20In sooth it would be without redeynge.” x
  • She said, and Lord Thomas came
  • over the lea,
  • As he the fat deerkins was chasing.
  • She put up her knitting, and to
  • him went she;
  • So we leave them both kindly
  • embracing.

Transcribed Footnote (page [2]):

x Wisdom. Chatterton.

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