Letter to William Michael Rossetti, 18 October 1849


Production Description

Document Title: Letter to William Michael Rossetti, 18 October 1849
Author: DGR
Date of composition: 1849 October 18
Type of Manuscript: letter
Collation: 4 large leaves
Note: The verse is written in two columns, the prose is margin to margin.
Scribe: DGR


Current Location: University of British Columbia library

Scholarly Commentary


The first part of the letter is devoted to copying the texts of the poems, the second part to the ordinary prose part of the letter. The following poems are included as part of this letter: “Last Visit to the Louvre”; “For Ruggiero and Angelica, by Ingres”; and “Last Sonnets at Paris”, “From Paris to Brussels”, “On the Road”, “L'Envoi: Brussels, Hotel du Midi”, “On the Road to Waterloo: 17 October”, “A Half-Way Pause”, “On the Field of Waterloo”, and “Returning to Brussels”.

Electronic Archive Edition: 1
Source File: dgr.ltr.0556.rad.xml