Rossetti Archive Textual Transcription

Document Title: This day I excuse thee
Author: William Holman Hunt
Date of Composition: 1848 September
Type of Manuscript: holograph

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Manuscript Addition: 12345678910
Editorial Description: Hunt's notation at the top of the page.
Manuscript Addition: ? 1848 / Sept.
Editorial Description: WMR's pencil notation above the text
  • This day I excuse thee
  • That is only on Plea,
  • Setting forth that the sea
  • Was too distant for thee
  • To get there by eleven,
  • [?] home yet by [?]
  • [W]ill you ever go to heaven
  • Yes I think and tell stories,
  • For I heard the marsh more is
  • 10Under water than sin
  • Drowneth thee, Devil's Finn
  • You know [damn?] well the din
  • You made after your kin
  • That is me, P. R. B.,
  • Came. I made in a Cab
  • Away. Did you not dab
  • With your
  • If [?] like a crab
  • I made [?]
  • [?] back soon
  • 20Oh! then have ? right after the noon
  • For spoon? If thou had left me to pining
  • I'd not be about Dining
  • spoil been like
  • And out your sulks
  • For she is from the hulks
  • more [?] and lively. So she
  • Shares thy [?]earied beauty
  • And averred unto me
  • Its not Obstinacy
  • 30 That ? act with Dignity
  • So more absolved thee

  • Column Break

  • And say that on Friday
  • If you come. Bona Fide
  • en propria personne,
  • To me key & money,
  • You'll find Holman Hunt
  • In the very same punt
  • You thought fit for Etty
  • And not for Rossetti,
  • 40You make one quite fretty
  • In saying a jetty
  • To paint from should be fit
  • For him, or the whole kit
  • Of sloshies, little wit
  • Hast thou, virginity
  • Plenty, which swallow it
  • All, oh take a virgin
  • And give to her, purging
  • Thy folly, you see, you
  • 50Can spare what maidens few
  • Have, so do give unto
  • Them such balloah boo-
  • ly, (that very much better,
  • Of course the last letter,
  • Than the continuance
  • Which made the connivance
  • Of the maid servant betty
  • Quite requisité
  • In yours): It's getting late
  • 60So without more debate,
  • For the fly
  • With monotonous hum
  • Knocks the glass drum
  • A drum with his head
  • And sings get to bed
  • So I go *********
  • Hilloa
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  • This morning
  • That's dawning
  • 70So clearly.
  • Not dearly, I say, but buy
  • Without asking why
  • A tube of Lake Yellow
  • For me, do not look sallow
  • I'll pay thee again,
  • If it does not rain
  • And I see thee, on
  • Friday so jour bon
Holman Hunt
Manuscript Addition: buy it at Winsor and Newton or Roberson's
Editorial Description: Hunt's pencil note to his correspondent (below the text) specifying two sources for buying the paint he requests (Winsor and Newton or Roberson's)
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Copyright: Published with the permission of Iziko Museums of Cape Town